• Garage Door Service West Seattle
    We install your garage
    doors with ease
    Visit our online Garage Door service West Seattle image gallery so you appreciate our extensive
    variety of commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial doors for garages.
    We also have a wide selection of garage door accessories prepared for your selection.
    Also, you have the possibility to choose from doors, windows, models, colors and more.
  • Garage Door Repair West Seattle
    Garage Doors
    It is an important decision to choose a garage door because it should work for many years
    to come so; there are many aspects to take into consideration. Most probable you will spend
    a large sum of money and expect it to last for a long time therefore, it is
    important you choose right to not regret it later and our garage doors at West Seattle
    are your best choice not to be disappointed. We offer you a wide variety of options so you can find the
    door you are looking for and fit your purposes. Additionally, in the case you don’t find
    the door you are looking for we have a DIY service where you can design your own door,
    choose the color, style, pattern and its accessories
  • West Seattle Garage Door Service
    We Service Garage Doors
    Our experts at West Seattle are available to repair your garage door no matter
    what the problem is; jammed doors, broken remotes, off track doors,
    etc. we are willing to help you and offer you quality service
    and practical solutions. Contact us and tell us what you need.

Garage Door Service West Seattle

New Door Installation

Visit our store to get the garage door of your dreams and to get all the information you need to know before buying one. We will guide you through our large selection of styles, materials models and patterns.

Garage Door West Seattle, WA

New Opener Installation

The installation of any garage door and accessories is made by our Experts at West Seattle Garage Doors. A large selection of door openers is at your disposal, chain drives, belt drives, remotes, shaft drives and more are available in our stores and of course they are the most recent ones.

Garage Door Service West Seattle

Garage Door Repair West Seattle

Our garage door repair service is available 24/7 at West Seattle Garage Doors and you can contact our service at any time in the whole WEST SEATTLE area. Contact us in case of doubt or issues with your door, rollers, opener, springs, rails, etc.

West Seattle Garage Doors

If you need professional, low-cost and quick garage door solutions in the West Seattle area you definitely have to call West Seattle garage door experts, you will get free estimates for your new garage door maintenance, repair and installation. We have qualified, trained and certified experts that will repair, maintain or install complete garage systems in a very short time. Check our website or come to our store to see for yourself all of the productswe have available, patterns, styles, models, accessories, rail systems, garage door openers, remotes and many more. Our goal is to satisfy commercial, residential and industrial buildings. And since we know security is important to you we offer you the most advance automated garage door systems that will grant you the privacy, comfort and protection you need and not to mention that we use the best materials, models and styles in our products. Also, at West Seattle Garage Door we offer you the best and most experienced professionals that will provide you with the answers you need at any time.

West Seattle Garage Door can also help you in the case that you need to substitute your rail system, the door opener, the door style and even more. We can replace broken springs, change doors rollers, pivots, replace remotes and torn cables or put doors on their tracks; we are prepared to deal with any situation that may arise.

We at West Seattle Garage Door offers an assessment program that will fit your personal preferences and needs, we take into consideration the whole process from manufacturing to regular maintenance in order to satisfy customers, we will do everything we can to support our customers.

In West Seattle Garage Doors, we offer our large selection of long-lasting materials at affordable prices that allow our customers to obtain all they need and even more.

Expect full warranty coverage from all our services and merchandise so you can enjoy complete repair, free of charge, after we have installed your doors.

You can have a t your disposal the best and finest materials for you to choose. We exclusively work with the most recognize garage door makers in the country, there is no need to concern yourself with quality or style because we offer the best. We have a vast number of wooden, steal or aluminum garage doors for you that will fit any of your preferences; classic looks, patterns, flexibility, and others. And, the most efficient garage door openers are available at our stores.

Thermal resistance and insulation garage doors are provided at West Seattle Garage Doors. Most homes are recommended to have some standards regarding insulation standards and we act accordingly to those standards. Our experts will guide you and provide answers regarding the topic and also about garage door installation, additionally they can visit your home to give you a more proper and complete assessment. Finally, information about costs, insulation, maintenance, opener services, etc. will be provided by our specialist too.

Garage Door Service in West Seattle

Who we are

Our experts at West Seattle Garage Door are trained, have lots of experience and are very knowledgeable; they know about garage door technologies. We complete our job efficiently and in no time because our expertise allows it. We are committed to our community


We have at your disposal the best and most advanced materials in the market. A wide selection is available for you, light and tough steel doors, handsome wooden garage doors, aluminum doors and for people who are interested in more modern and lighter materials we even offer fiber garage doors.


all there is to know about thermal insulation, we know it at West Seattle Garage Doors. All of our doors can be fitted with our finest insulation materials in order to assure thermal containment.


They range from the silent belt to the strong chain driven; we have availability onall kinds of openers for you. And do not worry about power shortages; we can install power supplies, just in case.

Affordable Service

Our prices are the best in the area, you will obtain what you need and you will not pay more than the adequate price.

Reliable Services

Time is precious so we can assure you that our team will be there in time to solve any issues.

Professional Services

Qualified and trained professionals allow us to offer you a great service and our vast expertise in the field.

Clients Testimonials

  • Alice Morrison

    I couldn’t believe I remodeled my garage door paying so little. Definitely the best option to buy garage doors is West Seattle Garage Doors their prices are the most competitive ones.

  • Linda Kane

    The time they took installing the garage door was quite short, I thought they were going to take forever, they’re professionals, fast and efficient work.

  • Bruce Martin

    The customer assistance is great, I called them because I was having problems with my garage door and they arrived at my place immediately. They soon found the problem; one of the side rails was broken. They fixed it and told me how to avoid this problem I am pleased with the results.

Our Basic Services

At West Seattle Garage Door we have a wide variety of garage door services for your business or residence; our professionals make sure you do not have the same problem again. We specialize in three main topics which are:

Garage Door Repair West Seattle

West Seattle Garage Door Installation

Door openers, access control systems, photocells, etc. We will install them without any problems any kind of model or size according to your necessities. We have plenty of materials available for you as well as styles and security systems. Additionally, we willdeliver you remote controls necessary to operate the doors.

West Seattle Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Service

Maintenance is important in any piece of equipment; this is why we offer regular maintenance to keep the doors fully functional and without any damages.

West Seattle, WA West Seattle Garage Door

Garage Door Repair West Seattle

No more waiting for a crew to go to your home to repair a broken door because we offer you same day repair; we repair springs, rollers, openers, off track doors, and more. Our employees carry the necessary equipment to solve any kind of situation

Garage Door Service West Seattle

Please contact us by fill in the form below or through the telephone number placed on your right hand side. Our friendly experts we will answer any doubt you may have and in the end when all the details are clear we will give you an estimate for free.

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